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Secrets about the best skin care creams for better skin

Today, finding the best skin care product from the local store is not a difficult task at all. All you need to do is to find the best skin care cream with some special natural ingredients. The presence of active ingredients in creams can assure its superior quality as well as effectiveness.

When you decide to use any skin care creams, first of all you need to have an adequate knowledge of the contents about the specific cream. Also, you should have to know how harmful substances in creams to avoid them.

The best skin care product is always made up of pure natural ingredients that are always safe and far effective to use than any other synthetic derivatives. It is also well known fact that the presence of toxins and other harmful ingredients in creams are very dangerous for your skin health, which may also cause the serious illnesses to the skin like skin cancer.

So, you have to be very careful in choosing the best natural skin care creams that are completely free from the preservatives as well as synthetic derivatives. Instead of looking the costs, you have to look for the quality while buying the skin care creams that help you to save from irreversible and serious skin problems.

Top 10 best skin care creams

Now, there are several different types of skin care creams available on the market. All you have to do is to choose the best skin care creams that perfectly suits your skin type. You have to look for the natural extract creams that contain vitamin A and C, which is well known for healing, curing, dryness and also clearing the toxic substances from the skin that end results in smooth skin. Finding the skin care cream that has no fragrance is ultimately the best to use and applied on the skin.

Below are the top 10 best skin care creams to use that brings excellent results to the users,

1. Nivea cream

2. Oriflamme milk and honey gold nourishing cream

3. Palm olive charmis cream

4. Lakme skin care cream

5. Silky nourishment body cream

6. Herbal revitalizing cream

7. Fruits moisturizing massage cream

8. Garnier moisture refreshing gel cream

9. Thermal dynamic hydration light cream

10. De-pigmentation night cream

Nivea cream

It is one of the top most choices of skin care cream that has most effective moisturizing properties. Use this cream on a regular basis to get smooth and soft skin.

It is recommended to use daily on both morning and night, after washing your face.


 Free from side effects

 Cheap rate

 Works well on dry skin

 Travel-friendly package

Oriflamme milk and honey gold nourishing cream

It is a very rich moisturizing cream that acts as a conditioner for softens your skin.

It can be recommended to use once per day, before going to bed.


 Nourishes your skin very well

 Works best for normal skin

 Very sweet fragrance

Palm olive charmis cream

• It is a great choice of moisturizing cream that contains a wider combination of vitamins A, E and C, which provide effective skin protection from the sun rays.

• It can be recommended to use twice per day both morning and night.


 Great to use for winters

 Good value for money

 Excellent moisturizer

Lakme skin care cream

• It is an excellent dual purpose cream that can be used as both light foundation and sunscreen as well.

• It can be recommended to use once per day on a regular basis based on your skin type.


 Amazing skin protection

 Easy to use

 Conceals and evens out skin tone

 Easily spreads on skin

Silky nourishment body cream

• It is a unique choice of body cream packed with rich essential oil and highly natural skin nutrients.

• It is recommended to use two times per day once in the morning as well as night.


 Works well and suitable for dry skin

 Highly packed with essential oils

Herbal revitalizing cream

• This cream contains a lot of nutrients that help to refresh your skin cells. This natural cream also consists of many natural ingredients such as tomato, lemon, wheat, crabapple and white lily.

• It is recommended to use only one time per day.


 Works well for oily skin

 100% natural and chemical free cream

Fruits moisturizing massage cream

• This moisturizing massage cream is specifically made with a combination of several fruit extracts such as almond oil, jojoba oil and other fruit extracts.

• It works well and makes your skin looking younger as well as silky. It can be recommended to use once per day.


 Very pocket friendly

 Great to use for summer

 Have a sweet fragrance

 Made up of natural herbal extracts

Garnier moisture refreshing gel cream

• It is oil free and light cream to use that penetrates deeply into the skin and leaves a smooth, soft and comfort feel.

• It can be made with a combination of antioxidant fruit extracts that are suitable for skin conditioning. It can be recommended to use twice per day.


 Suits for oily skin

 Prevents dryness

 Skin remains moist for a long time

Thermal dynamic hydration light cream

• It is the most effective moisturizing cream that works well on all kinds of skin types. It is completely free from hypoallergenic and parabens free.

• This cream helps to soothe the skin discomforts as well as cool the irritation more effectively.

• It is recommended to use twice per day in both morning and evening after a wash.


 Works well on all skin types

 Free from side effects

 Moisture lasts up to 48 hours

De-pigmentation night cream

• It is one of the best choices of cream to use for making your skin spotless as well as healthy.

• It can be made from the aloe Vera and sandal wood extracts that help to minimize the blemishes and other flaws and then make your skin looks beautiful.

• It is recommended to use once per day before going to bed.


 Minimizes pigmentation

 A complete natural cream with no side effects

 Works very fast

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